Who We Are

Founded in 2020, C-Astra Technologies LLC is a company conceptualised and established by a team of ambitious and young professionals. Utilising our expertise, the in-house products and technologies we develop provide advanced solutions to multiple industries in the fields of aerospace, artificial intelligence, machine learning, recycled composite fibres and space flight. These products have the potential to create a large impact spearheading sustainable advancement of the world’s technological sphere.

We are also heavily invested in developing programs to nurture technological growth in key industries in association with leading universities and researchers around the world as we believe the innovative thought process of future generation engineers and the technologies they develop would help propel mankind into the next frontier at an exponential rate.

Our Vision

To become a compelling global leader in providing disruptive sustainable technologies.

Our Mission

To innovate and develop products which spearhead technological advancement of the aerospace industry.

Our Products

  • C-Tana
    Recycled composite fibre manufacturing
  • B2Space
    Small satellite launch services for businesses
  • A.I.D.N.
    Automated intelligent drone networks
  • Aganitha
    Space debris removal program


Recycled Composite Fibre Manufacturing

Using our proprietary composite fibre manufacturing and recycling techniques, we have developed a sustainable system for developing products which help offset the increasing carbon footprint of the aerospace industry. This system and the products manufactured from it are designed to reduce the end of life issues for components of multiple industries.


Small Satellite Launch Services for Businesses

The purpose of this project is to provide a reliable, flexible and low cost access to the Lower Earth Orbit for small satellites (both micro and mini). We aim to democratize access to space and facilitate the development of new advanced technologies in this field.

Over time, new projects have emerged from this need and we are using our stratospheric operations knowledge to develop new platforms to perform near-earth space missions.


Automated Intelligent Drone Network

Drones become inefficient and primitive tools in the hands of a human operator, in terms of both in-flight and post-operation data handling. Therefore, the current commercial robotics paradigm is inefficient and limits the growth of many industries due to the lack of certain operational capabilities like multi-agent operations.

A.I.D.N, our cloud based AI powered drone networks are fully autonomous aerial vehicles that automate the work of humans in industrial applications alleviating most of these issues.


Space Debris Removal Program

Orbital debris in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is an international problem that threatens the success of scheduled missions and future space ventures. With our current state of technology, damage from man-made orbital debris is one of the top risks to LEO space flight missions.

We are working closely with numerous researchers from around the world to develop cost-effective techniques and technologies to tackle this issue.

Our Team

With around 20 years of combined work experience in the fields of aerospace, mechanical, artificial intelligence, material and computer sciences, the founders of the company are a group of young, enthusiastic and accomplished engineers. They have extensive research backgrounds, they have always been at the forefront of technological advancements by being heavily invested in developing sustainable technologies for the next generation.

Additionally, employees, researchers and team at the core of the company are experts in their fields whose goals and vision align with that of the company. We take great pride in helping foster an engaging and collaborative relationship with all our associates with clear pathways for growth in various fields and technologies.

Leadership Team








Advisory Team



Senior Principal Scientist
Materials Science Division
CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories


Advisory Council Member
White House Office of American Innovation


Technocrat and Mentor
Member of OCNI, & ANS

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